By Asaad Taha, Ph.D., MSP®, PRINCE2®

You may recall the Janjaweed Arab militia — An Armed Devil Mounted on a Horse? They have returned to Sudan. With the help of the Saudis and the Emirates, Hemeti, one of the heinous Janjaweed Commanders, is taking over Sudan and cracking down on the pro-democracy Sudanese people — slaughtering them in the street, tossing bodies into The Nile, raiding homes to arrest people, and defying the African Union.

“Thowra!” the crowd shouts — Arabic for “revolution.”

Hemeti (aka. Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo) is a mercenary warlord fighting for money paid by outsiders. Among his crimes, Hemeti is responsible for importing child soldiers to Yemen to fight on behalf of oil-rich countries. He enslaves child soldiers from nomadic Arabic tribes in Chad, Libya, central Africa, and Mali.

Now the Janjaweed militia has spread to Sudan’s capital and other regions. You must remember the Janjaweed role in The Darfur Genocide resulting in the death of 300,000, the displacement of 4.7 million citizens, and innumerable mass rape rampages.

No, it’s not over for the Sudanese revolution [Khalid Albaih/Al Jazeera]

What can you do?

Do not underestimate how your action can save many lives and preventing mass rape in Sudan.

Your action can save many lives and support Sudanese dream for “Freedom, Peace, & Justice” (Sudan Revolution Chant).

  1. Write to your Congressperson, Senators, or Parliament representatives. You can use this letter template:
  2. Expose the participation of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates’ support of the killing, rape, and conspiracy against democracy in Sudan.
  3. Advocate for accountability for all those responsible for crimes in Sudan, including state actors and certain regional actors, the main financiers for violence, terrorism, and chaos in the whole region. We must work together to destroy the entrenched impunity of all who are involved in international crimes in Sudan.
  4. Sign the White House petition to classify the Janjaweed (Sudan Rapid Support Forces) as a terrorist organization according to its terms and conditions at this link:

5. Disseminate this post to all your professional and personal networks and groups.

6. Please, do not underestimate how your action can save many lives and preventing mass rape in Sudan.

Do not let this message stop at your end.

Also, you can read the factual news articles about the situation in Sudan at the links below:

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