Coronavirus: Is not Armageddon or the Apocalypse, But Globalization Fragility Test.

  • Principle 1: CAS are constituted relationally. They are defined by interactions.
  • Principle 2: CAS have adaptive capacities. They adapt in time to feedback from interactions between system elements and elements and their environment.
  • Principle 3: Dynamic processes generate CAS behavior. The dynamic interactions are non-linear, so the magnitude of system outputs cannot be measured directly against the magnitude of its causes.
  • Principle 4: CAS are radically open. Energy, information, and matter are exchanged between the system and environment without defined boundaries.
  • Principle 5: CAS are contextually determined. Unlike linear processes that can be effectively isolated from external influence, CAS are context-dependent emerging from relationships and interaction.
  • Principle 6: Novel qualities emerge through complex causality. These systems find value in the uncertainty, a context for the novel, creative, and innovative.
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Asaad Taha, PhD

Asaad Taha, PhD


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